Sessions by phone, in person, or Skype:

$40 for 30 minutes.

$75 for a full hour. Longer sessions are available!

Group sessions at your home : $40 per person, minimum of 6 people, maximum of 13 people. There is a $10 travel charge.

These events have been described by past groups as awesome, powerful and heart-opening! There is always time for everyone to ask a question!

The intertwining of messages benefits all in the group, giving everyone attending a connection to inspiration, creativity and answers they have been wanting. Please call to set up one of 

these amazing events!

Contact Steve to book your personal session or group reading! 

When and How

You can reach Steve at:


Steve will get back to you as soon as possible.

Open times for readings are Tuesdays and Thursdays,

6 to 10p.m. CST.

Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. CST

Other days and times available upon request...

On Group sessions:

Group sessions (gallery style readings) usually take around 3 hours, with a short break in the middle. Depending on the amount of people involved it may run longer or shorter. Don't worry about time! All groups have wanted to stay with the energy and information that was given. 

Please contact us to set up one of these events!

Steve and the Boyz* have many offerings for readings, whether it is individual or groups, phone or Skype. Here is the list and pricing of current offerings.

March 2015 Specials


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..When we speak of light we speak of life...
     When we speak to you, if you are receptive, you will feel that love and understand our words at the same time. So we say to you as you read these words: as you speak to us, feel us. Feel what we say. Know then that there is a connection with us.

‚Äč- Gladimir and Zephram

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